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Energy Depleters
Understanding what depletes the body's energy is another important criteria in your ability to control and maintain your energy levels. The main energy depleters are:
  • Alcohol Fatigue - alcohol depletes the blood sugar levels by stimulating the insulin response, and lowering the blood sugar without replacing it with nutrients. Alcohol also causes dehydration which is an oftern overlooked cause of fatigue

  • Sugar Fatigue - sugar, especially refined sugar, elevates blood glucose rapidly and causes the pancrease to increase the release of insulin. This in inhibits the release of growth hormones and depresses the immune system. Refined sugars lack minerals and vitamins as well as dietary fibre, major helath organisations agree that it is one of the 3 major causes of degenrative diseases.

  • Sleep Fatigue - lack of sleep causes fatigue. Restful sleep is very important as it not only gives you energy to do work or play but it also helps strengthen your immune. It is during sleep that the body's immune system repairs and rejuvenates itself.

  • Exercise Fatigue - lack of exercise causes fatigue. This is more a sense of not feeling good and mental fatigue than real actual physical tiredness. Exercise is very important not only to stay physically healthy but emotionally too.

  • Food Fatigue - lack of the proper nutrients and at the right time causes fatigue. Breakfast and lunch are very important meals and should not be skipped. Eating a proper nutritious breakfast provides energy to be alert active until the next meal which is lunch. Again that should help the body and mind to function at its most efficient before winding down for the day at dinner.

  • Stress Fatigue - internal and external stress are one of the main causes of fatigue. You need to resolve the stressful situation or find a way to de-stress daily

  • Others - cause by improper functioning of the organs of the body such as thyroid and also poor blood condition. Hypoglycemia can be caused by the thyroid not working properly and this will lead to fatigue. The red blood cells transport nutrients and oxygen and if it is not doing its job properly, fatigue is one of the consequences.

Osumex LB17 live probiotic - protects the gastrointestinal tract so that it is efficient in absorbing nutrients consumed to provide and maintain the energy needs of the body.

LB17 probiotic contains 17 strains of live active and viable friendly bacteria. Upon consumption, you can generally feel the bacteria working and the beneficial effects within 24-48 hours. LB17 probiotic is essential to good digestive health

Each box contains 60 caps.

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"The natural way to better health"

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