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pH STATE - Health & Diseases!

It is important to know that true health lives in an alkaline state.

The acid/base status of the body (pH) is regulated by the kidneys and the lungs. Acidosis is caused by an accumulation of acid or a significant loss of bicarbonate. The major categories of acidosis are respiratory acidosis and metabolic acidosis.
  • Respiratory acidosis is a condition that occurs when the lungs cannot remove all of the carbon dioxide produced by the body. This creates a disruption in the body's acid-base balance. Body fluids become excessively acidic. Respiratory acidosis can result from lung diseases such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and severe asthma.
  • Metabolic acidosis is a disturbance in the body's acid-base balance. This causes excessive acidity of the blood. Metabolic acidosis can occur as a result of many different conditions such as kidney failure, diabetic ketoacidosis, and shock.
Most cancer patients tested would show a pH of 4 - 5, very acidic! This acidity of body tissue drives out the health giving oxygen. Cancer thrives in an oxygen deficient acidic environment, but perish in an alkaline, high pH, environment.

If your body pH level is acidic, you are at risk for degenerative diseases such as diabetes. When acid waste accumulates in your body, your cells are unable to absorb the nutrients they need. When the cells don't work properly, the organs don't work properly. This includes the organs that regulate blood sugar, which in turn provides nutrients to the cells. Without blood sugar regulation, the body can become diabetic. Blood sugar balance is critical to your bodyís proper functioning. Blood sugar (glucose) is the primary source of fuel for the body's cells and is particularly critical to the brain and the eyes. The bodyís blood sugar level is regulated primarily by the pancreas and the liver. The liver stores excess glucose and releases it when needed. The pancreas secretes insulin that helps carry glucose into the body's cells, and it secretes glucagon that triggers the release of stored glucose in the liver. When either organ fails to function properly, blood sugar becomes excessively high or low and the cells begin to starve. A highly acidic pH level puts the pancreas, liver, and all the bodyís organs at risk. Acid that is not filtered out or stored can attach to and harden the cell walls, further preventing the cells from absorbing nutrients. Eventually the cells die, starting with the glucose-dependent eyes and the extremities where itís more difficult for nutrients to reach. Blindness and gangrene can result.

Kidney Damage (Renal Failure)
Excessive amounts of acid waste in your body can cause serious kidney damage. Kidneys are the bodyís last-resort filtering mechanism. If the kidneys don't work properly, toxins build up and poison your blood. The results can be fatal. To keep your kidneys functioning well, you need to reduce the overall acid level in your body. When too much acid accumulates and the liver can't process all of it, the remaining acid is sent to the kidneys to be filtered out of the bloodstream. the kidneys were not designed to filter this type of acid waste. They were designed to filter out the normal by-products of metabolism, not the excess acids that accumulate in your body through improper diet and nutrition and through exposure to environmental toxins. Heavy metals in the water supply and in some food sources, undigested food that turns acidic, excessive amounts of minerals from highly processed foods, and acid-forming soft drinks and over-the-counter drugs each of these substances taxes the liver and, in turn, the kidneys. Kidneys bombarded by acid waste become so stressed that they can't even filter the normal by-products of metabolism, such as lactic acid. the kidneys have no ability to store acids. They must either filter the acid waste from the blood or become clogged with acids. Because the kidneys have such a fine network of capillaries used to filter the blood, they become clogged much more quickly than the major arteries. The accumulation of acids in the kidneys causes the formation of kidney stones and ultimately causes kidney cells to die. Because kidney cells cannot be regenerated or repaired, the remaining cells have to work that much harder to filter substances from the blood. To help with the filtering process, the heart increases the flow of blood plasma to the kidneys, which in turn elevates blood pressure. As the kidney cells continue to die, the risk of kidney failure increases dramatically.

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It is recommended that you test at least once a week, if your pH is 6.0 or lower, until it is brought back up to at least 6.5. Thereafter, you should check once a month to make sure your pH is alkaline

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