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 Mushroom News 
Anti-tumour activity of D-fraction from Maitake mushroom
Maitake D-fraction inhibit carcinogenesis and metastasis
Sparassis crispa mushroom SCG 1,3-beta-D-glucan effect on luokopenic mice
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 5-Mushroom Blend - Reshi 

Osumex 5-Mushrooms Blend

Ling Zhi/Reishi (Ganoderma luciderm) (15%)

Active ingredients:
  • Beta-D-glucan (a polysaccharide)
  • Ergostero (a sterol)
  • Fungal lysozyme
  • Proteinase Triterpenes (Ganoderic acids)
  • Lipids
  • Alkaloids
  • Glucosides
  • Goumarins
  • Volatile oil
  • Riboflavin, ascorbic acid and amino acids
Purported uses:
  • Fatigue
  • High cholesterol
  • HIV and AIDS
  • Hypertension
  • Immunostimulation
  • Inflammation
  • Strength and stamina
  • Viral infections
Reishi mushroom has been known as a cardiotonic herb and has a balancing effect on the body. Among its many reported functions are:
  • strengthening the heart
  • improving blood flow
  • lowered consumption of oxygen in the heart muscle
  • lowering cholesterol
  • lowering blood pressure
  • preventing abnormal blood clotting
  • fighting yeast infections and chronic fatigue syndrome
  • helping in weight loss.

It has been used by the Chinese for 4,000 years in treating liver disorders, hypertension, arthritis and other ailments. Several biologically active triterpenes (ganoderic acids) and sterols have been isolated from this mushroom and proven effective as cytotoxic, anti-viral, anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacteria and anti-oxidant. Polysaccharides and glycoproteins possessing hypogycemic and immunostimulant activities have also been isolated from its water extract.

Biochemical studies have also discovered Terpenoid, which indicated anti-cancer properties and lowering blood pressure, as well as beta-8-D-glucan in the mushroom. Other operating materials from the mushroom were useful in lowering the level of blood sugar, antithrombotic operation (activating blood platelet condensation control), hepatitis remedy and countermeasures against HIV, robustness and beauty culture. Russian scientists found Reishi showed a significant preventive and therapeutic action against plaque build-up. Plaque is fatty goo, which is comprised of a combination of oxidized cholesterol, calcium and degenarated white blood cells. It is deposited on the walls of arteries, which restricts blood flow by narrowing the passages of the arteries resulting in arteriosclerosis.

Studies in Japan on cancer research had proven Reishi to have an anti-tumour effect. This has given impetus to Dr Morishige to begin hsi studies of Reishi as a treatment for cancer particularly where the cases were given up as hopeless. The active anti-cancer constituents in Reishi are called beta-D-glucan, which is a polysaccharide - a huge sugar molecule made up of many little sugar molecules chained together and bound to amino acids. These intricate sugars stimulate or modulate the immune system by activating immune cells such as macrophage and helper T-cells, as well as increasing immunoglobin (a specific type of antibodies) levels to produce a heightened response to foreign cells, whether bacteria, viruses or tumour cells.

The 5-mushroom blend powder is packed in a 3gm sachet. Please see below:

The above information is provided for general educational purposes only. It is not intended to replace competent health care advice received from a knowledgeable healthcare professional. You are urged to seek healthcare advice for the treatment of any illness or disease.
Health Canada, Food Standards Agency (UK) and the FDA (USA) have not evaluated these statements. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

 Mushroom blend 
Ling zhi/Reishi

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