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Testimonials for

Testimonies received from users who found health benefits from usage of the products

Name: Tom C
Location: Chicago, IL, USA
Testimonial: I traditionally eat a large bowl of fresh fruit everyday

It started to give me a bit of indigestion, maybe from the acidity and pineapple.

In the morning I now take the LB17 on an empty stomach with water, then stop for my fruit.

I am noticing that the burning sensation from burps or belches is pretty much gone. Also, it is very obvious to me how clear my sinuses and breathing is. It is almost like I am breathing from an oxygen tank. My passages seem twice as wide, it is amazing.

1 more thing, the saliva in my mouth is being produced a lot easier.

Date: Dec. 8, 2004

(follow up email on usage of LB17)
I hope you are finding success and profits with LB17

I forget how I found out about your products, but I am glad I did.

This may seem goofy, but my snoring has disappeared recently. I can breath so well thru my nose since starting LB17 that I can keep my mouth closed all night with no anxiety. At first I had to overcome the habit of mouth breathing, but the confidence of the clear passages has gotten me out of that nasty habit!


Best of Luck!
Dated: Dec 13, 2004

Name: Sibylla S
Location: Switzerland
Testimonial: Thank you Dave Wrixon for your 'feedback'. After having taken the LB17 as instructed since Jan 13, 05, I presume, that we have here some form of wonder 'drug' and my nasal congestion improved and energy levels too but the cause of my nasal irritation has yet to be found.

……Despite me being prepared with umpteens Website printouts (re: rhinitis, sinusitis, nasal congestion, cold, flu), all I got from the specialist was Cortison (nasal spray) and the statement 'that my nose was in good condition only having this congestion problem due to some irritant'...no mentioning of possible food allergies, wrong sleeping pillows, dust mites etc.etc.

……So, still in search of the cause of this nasal irritation and congestion, a newly discovered food intolerance (cheese) might be a source of this discomfort.
Bref, I would appreciate receiving details for a second paypal order for:
- an additional LB17
- and the Organic Flax Hulls
Dated: Jan 24, 2005

(follow up email)
……. am rather busy here and at home specifically throwing everything out of my house which smacks of fungus and molds like dried flowers (I had tons of them) as well as all instant food goes too (coffee, soup, ketchup, saladsauce, fondue-cheese, saccharin, citrus juice, milk products ...).

I am adamant to get to the source of this 'chronic' nasal congestion as I am still unable to sleep except in an upright position (I even threw out the mirror in the bedroom as it is highly recommended to do so (Feng Shui or so). Are we 'treating' the symptoms with LB17 or the cause? I wonder

…..I stand by my statement, that LB17 is some form of wonder 'drug' (for women >> it does give you a radiant look after 3 days or so ....my my

(I do not take hormones, nor antibiotics, nor regular medications though, and this cortison nasal spray only recently again after 15 years)
... and a lot of the symptoms apply mostly those for muscle pain, head, eyes, nose and ....nails!

I will read through the interesting Candida site very carfuly and hope to take further action as I do not think to bend a physicians ear here in Switzerland. Sad but true.

regards from Switzerland
Dated: Jan 26, 2005

(further updates)
... Again, many thanks for your terrific diagnosis early this year (re: Nasal congestion due to Candida due to Endometriosis-Amalgam- Antibiotics-Cortison-Fungi-Food Allergies etc.).

Search Google for 'Endometriosis and Candida' and the picture gets very interesting (and complicated) indeed. That market is huge believe me (Endometriosis I mean). If you have further infos in this regards, don't hesitate to share it.

Well, am I glad that my nose is back functioning properly... and that I am able to resume my floor gymnastics ...nose down!

regards from Switzerland

Dated: September 07, 2005

Name: Liz D
Location: Gold Coast, Australia
Testimonial: I started on LB17 a few weeks ago. I had a history of candida which had been treated for extended periods over many year with Nystatin tablets. Following many episodes of trying to remove the candida problem through restricted diet (removing sugar, alcohol, fungi) and medication I had tried just putting up with the symptoms (gas, itching, irritability, foggy head) and used a probiotic when the symptoms became unbearable. The probiotic I took helped with the itching, gas and bloating but I rarely felt well.

Following recurring viral and bacterial infections which affected my liver, lungs and heart my naturopath did an Indicans test which showed that I had leaky gut syndrome. The protocol for recovery was "weed, seed and feed", and included the use of a probiotic to rebalance the intestinal flora. I was also told this would improve my overall immunity to infections. I decided to try LB17 for the probiotic phase. Initially I experienced the flushing, sweating and itching skin, rather like mild sunburn. This lasted for 5 days (taking 6 LB17 per day split in two doses.) I found that drinking extra water (2 litres plus per day) reduced the heat effect. I reduced my dosage to 3 per morning, as in the instructions and have only had the heat and sweating if I have not had enough water in the summer weather.

Over the last few weeks I have had no digestive problems. I have also had clearer sinuses and reduced swelling/obstruction in my airways. I feel clearer in my head and more alert, and as if I have better circulation throughout my body. This is despite not following any dietary retrictions and having considerable stress at work.

I would recommend LB17 to anyone looking for a natural solution to allergic/sinus congestion and the fuzzy/toxic feeling that comes with long term candida.
Dated: February 14, 2005

Osumex Note: Liz has found the products so beneficial she has decided to become one of our distributors in Australia (Queensland)

Name: John M
Location: Toronto Canada
Testimonial: Osumex note:
This is an extract of the full testimonial and you can view the full testimonial.

In 1995 I was diagnosed HIV positive... put on antibiotic.. In 1999, I was put on AIDs medication... since then I had stomach discomforts (vomitting, gas, acids, etc.) on a daily basis.... could not stop belching daily too.... the gas would last all day....

I was losing my weight and had reached an all time low in my health.. and decided to stop taking the AIDs medication....

I was introduced to LAB (LB17) and decided to try since all else had failed me..... I notice they were gentle on my stomack and I did not have to vomit the next day though I still have gas... Within 2 weeks I was able to eat all those gas-causing foods such as broccoli, peas, etc.... I sleep better and think more clearly... I now have a quality of life I did not have before.....

Dated: December 3, 2002

Osumex note:
John continued using LB17 and below is his latest report

had my doctor's check-up and lab results came back and it is just amazing! My "viral load" (viral infection) was not detectable and my T-cells (white cells) count had increased from around 135 to more than 165!! I feel really good and never healthier and had not even had a cold last winter whereas my doctor thought I would not last the winter of 2002 due to potential viral infections, etc! I am very pleased and will continue to use the Osumex products to help me to continue to recover my health, especially the LB17 and Maitake mushrooms.
Dated: February 18, 2005

Another update from John

Again my blood test results were good. My viral load is still undetectable and my T-cells is still 165.

I must add that after taking LB17 probiotics for over one year I noticed that the thrush (Candida albicans) I always had under my tongue was gone. Candida is normal for people who are HIV+.

I also noticed that the mucous that I constantly had in my lungs is clearing up. My lungs feel cleaner and I noticed my breathing is better.
Dated: July 19, 2005

Name: vivi wiitala
Location: Oakland, Califormia
Testimonial: I took the LB17 live probiotic pills and they stopped my acid reflex condition, bloating,and vastly improved my digestive system. I highly recommend them.
Dated: February 24, 2005

Name: Linda M
Location: Kent, UK
Testimonial: M.E., Mercury Sensitivity, Candida Overgrowth.

I started to take LB17 on Dec 20th, by the 25th I realised that I had so much energy that I cooked the Xmas Meal and enjoyed doing so! I felt calm and I could go up and down the stairs without plodding. I also managed to eat anything, without my irritable bowl playing up, i.e Sugar and Cream and Potatoes. My Sinuses started to clear and also my brain fog. I was able to get the dose down from 8/day to 4 maintenance and now to 2 a day - 6 week s later.

My mother has also benefitted, since starting LB17 at the beginning of January the pain and diarhorea symptoms caused by Diverticulitis have ceased. She has not needed to have antibiotics. Her tongue is no longer coated and the dry cough/sinusitis that she has had nearly all last year has gone. She is down to a maintenance dose of 2 per day.

In my view, the difference between LB17 and other Candida probiotic supplements is that there is obviously clearance of the sinuses and abdominal bloating completely disappears. They do not have to be stored in the fridge either.

Linda M, Occupational Health Nurse
Dated: March 1, 2005

Name: Steve Facer
Location: Stafford, UK
Testimonial: After having amalgam fillings safely removed. I have used chelation and probiotics alongside flax hulls to help rid my body of mercury toxins. This has so far been beneficial at solving a unique problem. I would recommend anyone who is looking to lower mercury levels to give it a try.
Dated: May 16, 2005

Name: Gale K
Location: Florida, USA
Testimonial: I have been taking HRT for 15 years and a few weeks ago I was diagnosed with uterine fibroids and endometriosis (thickening of the uterine wall). Well I knew that the first thing I had better do is stop taking the estrogen because that is what caused both problems.

I absolutely dreaded this ,since my menoupausal symptoms return with a vengence when I do not take the estrogen for as little as 2 days. So when I was looking for info, I found the OSUMEX web site and after reading the information on fortified flax hulls I decided to order it and try it. I ordered it along with the LB17 Probiotic. As soon as it arrived I decided to give it a try being very skeptical that anything would be the magic pill. Well I quit the estrogen and took the LB17 and the Fortified Flax Hulls AND LET ME SHOUT THIS PART:


Dated: Jan 18, 2007

Name: Suzanne R
Location: Boston, Massachusetts
Testimonial: For years I suffered daily with IBS and Acid Reflux symptoms. A friend suggested I try LB17. After taking the product a few months my IBS symptoms virtually disappeared and my Acid Reflux is in toe. In addition, I've had chronic sinusitus since childhood. Without fail every winter I'd have a prolonged cold and bronchitis as well as the flu. This winter was different... Virtually no cold (one lasted a couple of days) and no flu. I feel healthier and stronger - a better feeling of well being. I attribute it all to LB17. Many Thanks!!
Dated: June 23, 2006

Name: Brad C
Location: Alberta, Canada
Testimonial: I have only been taking lb17 for 2 days but already I am experiencing the best digestion I have ever had. I cant explain how something can work so fast.I have no gas whats so ever I'm still in denial. I have probably spent more than 7000 dollars in the past few years on different probiotics searching for one that actually works, I had all but given up using probiotics and believe it or not when I bought yours I was pretty negative just waiting for nothing to happen ,boy was I surprised. I will keep you updated

Dated: February 14, 2007

Name: Dmitry L from Russia on holiday
Location: Cyprus
Testimonial: As for fantastic holidays, I dunno yet. A kid got a "rotovirus" and was having diarrhea and vomiting for like 4 days. Still he doesn't eat anything and feels very weak. Me and my wife, too, goot infected, but because I was taking 10 pills of LB17 daily for a past couple months, I seem to get out of this in only ONE day. Before, I would have been ill for a week. So, this speaks about quality of LB17 for itself, I guess. Not even taking into account 3-4 good BMs a day that I am now regularly having. LB17 is a fantastic product!

Thank you!
Most sincerely
Dmitry in Cyprus
Dated: 23 May, 2012

The above information is provided for general educational purposes only. It is not intended to replace competent health care advice received from a knowledgeable healthcare professional. You are urged to seek healthcare advice for the treatment of any illness or disease.
Health Canada and the FDA (USA) have not evaluated these statements. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
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