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Avoid Pre Post Natal Depression
Flax Hulls contain daily requirement of Vitamin B12
New Therapies for Psoriasis
HRT a 'significant' breast cancer risk
Women urged to avoid HRT for menopause
Importance of FIBRE in diet
Antioxidants appear to ward of Diabetes (Type-2)
Asthma rates soaring worldwide: experts at 4th World Asthma Meeting in Bangkok, Thailand
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Warning over long-term HRT use
Bananas, Root Veggies may cut Kidney Cancer Risk
Mercury Toxicity - brief report on study by Rochester University, New York
High Iron levels may signal Diabetes
Flax Lignsns help with hair loss - study shows
Inflammatory Bowel Disease - Live probiotics protect intestinal epithelial cells from the effects of infection with enteroinvasive Escherichia coli (EIEC)
The First Steps to a Strong Immune System
Study shows secret to gas free beans
Probiotic reduce atopic eczema in infants
Mercury in fish brings warning


Testimonials for

Testimonies received from users who found health benefits from usage of the products

Name: Liz D
Location: Gold Coast, Australia
Testimonial: I was recommended to take flax oil for menopausal symptoms (hot flushes and night sweats). I also tried ground up flax seeds to help with this and bowel health. It was time consuming and the results were not worth the fuss. I was recommended to try Flax Hulls to boost my immune system plus work on my chronic B12 deficiency and lack of energy. I have been using Flax Hulls for 3 months and have noticed that the menopausal symptoms have disappeared. Since adding LB17 to this I have more even energy levels. I am looking forward to my next blood test to check my B12 levels which I expect have also improved. I have not had any respiratory tract viral infections in the last 3 months, which is quite an improvement. Also the powdered Flax Hulls are much easier to store and use and very economical. They are also very gentle on my digestive system. My mother has also been recommended to take them as an adjunct to her treatment for osteoporosis. She finds them more convenient than the ground flax seeds.

Name: John M
Location: Toronto, Canada
Testimonial: Osumex note:
This is an extract of the full testimonial and you can view the full testimonial.

In 1995 I was diagnosed HIV positive... put on antibiotic.. In 1999, I was put on AIDs medication... since then I had stomach discomforts (vomitting, gas, acids, etc.) on a daily basis.... could not stop belching daily too.... the gas would last all day....

I was losing my weight and had reached an all time low in my health.. and decided to stop taking the AIDs medication....

I was introduced to LAB (LB17) and decided to try since all else had failed me..... I notice they were gentle on my stomack and I did not have to vomit the next day though I still have gas... Within 2 weeks I was able to eat all those gas-causing foods such as broccoli, peas, etc.... I sleep better and think more clearly... I now have a quality of life I did not have before.....

Dated: December 3, 2002

Osumex note:
John started using Maitake mushrooms in October 2004 and below is his latest report

had my doctor's check-up and lab results came back and it is just amazing! My "viral load" (viral infection) was not detectable and my T-cells (white cells) count had increased from around 135 to more than 165!! I feel really good and never healthier and had not even had a cold last winter whereas my doctor thought I would not last the winter of 2002 due to potential viral infections, etc! I am very pleased and will continue to use the Osumex products to help me to continue to recover my health, especially the LB17 and Maitake mushrooms.
Dated: February 18, 2005

Another update from John

Again my blood test results were good. My viral load is still undetectable and my T-cells is still 165.

I must add that after taking LB17 probiotics for over one year I noticed that the thrush (Candida albicans) I always had under my tongue was gone. Candida is normal for people who are HIV+.

I also noticed that the mucous that I constantly had in my lungs is clearing up. My lungs feel cleaner and I noticed my breathing is better.
Dated: July 19, 2005

The above information is provided for general educational purposes only. It is not intended to replace competent health care advice received from a knowledgeable healthcare professional. You are urged to seek healthcare advice for the treatment of any illness or disease.
Health Canada and the FDA (USA) have not evaluated these statements. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
LB17 live probiotic - essential for digestive health
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Rice Bran Oil - botanical oils for cholesterol control
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Maitake mushrooms - blend of 8 mushrooms to improve cellular immune
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Syn-flex liquid glucosamine - effective for joint pain
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Power Plus - roll on analgesic for instant pain relief
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Concentrated Natural Flax Hulls - botanical lignans boost immune system
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Vita-C Plus - anti-aging anti-wrinkle moisturizer in liquid green tea
Bio-Chelat - gentle oral chelation to eliminate heavy metals
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Heavy Metals Test Kits - simple accurate home use test kits with results in minutes
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Denta-Chelat - patented mouth wash to protect and prevent mercury absorption from amalgam teeth fillings
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