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Testimonials for

Testimonies received from users who found health benefits from usage of the products

Name: MD
Location: Oakville, ON
Testimonial: I have been using Syn-Flex for over a year with tremendous results. I have been able to use this product in place of "Celebrex", and I have far less pain in my back and joints in the morning. Syn-Flex has also given me more flexibility and ease of movement in my knees and hips.
Dated: Jan 21, 2005

Name: Liz D
Location: Gold Coast, Australia
Testimonial: I found Syn-Flex when looking for help for my mother's osteo-arthritis pain. She had not responded to any other treatment and was very depressed by the chronic pain and loss of mobility.

I decided to "road-test" Syn-flex myself first before recommending it to Mum.

Everyone in my family suffers with osteo-arthritis. I had been unable to tolerate NSAIDs or steroids for the pain and had been using a combination of natural therapies to take the edge off the pain for many years. Over time I had noticed that these treatments were becoming less effective and my joints were becoming "drier". I had tried Glucosamine and Chondroitin powder and pills but they did not make a significant difference. In addition the powder tasted unpleasant and I needed to take a fair amount to get any results.

Within 3 days on Syn-flex my joint discomfort had disappeared. When I ran out of Syn-flex I noticed a slow return of the discomfort and decided that Syn-flex really had made a difference. I ordered more for both Mum and myself. We have both been taking it ever since (6 months).

About 2.5 months after taking Synflex consistently I noticed smoother movement in all my joints. (I also noticed that I needed to drink more water than usual. My naturopath explained that this was part of the repair process in my joints as the Syn-flex was helping to restore the cartilage and synovial fluid.)

For several years I had been doing rehabilitation resistance training for my joints. It became much easier and more enjoyable to do my exercises and my strength increased as I had better flexibility and less energy went into anticipating joint pain.

The improvement in my joints was very noticeable to my osteopath. He now sells Syn-flex to his patients.

My increased mobility and reduced pain has really lifted my spirits. I am no longer facing the inevitable joint degeneration from arthritis that has crippled other members of my family. Any Syn-flex is so easy to take and tastes good - I'm amazed that such a small dose can make such a big difference to my life.

And Mum (almost 80) is delighted to be back playing golf again!

Dated: February 14, 2005

Osumex Note: Liz has found the products so beneficial she has decided to become one of our distributors in Australia (Queensland)

Name: JoAnne D
Location: Ontario
Testimonial: I have been taking Synflex for approx. 2 years now, and I literally can not live without it. I am waiting for a hip replacement for severe arthritis and the pain was so severe that I couldn't sleep or work. Synflex has given me back my life. I still have pain, but it is tolerable and I can go about my life where I could not before. I take it every day without fail and the deterioration in my hip has slowed down as well. Without it I would be in a wheelchair by now. There are so many people out there suffering that do not know about Synflex, and how it could help them live their life again. Dealing with severe pain, blocks out so much of your life, and finding a natural product like Synflex that does not do any harm is a godsend.

If anyone wants to email me re: this product or my testimony- emma12121@hotmail.com

Dated: October 8, 2005

Name: Valerie C
Location: Stouffville,Ontario, Canada
Testimonial: SYNFLEX Saved me from shoulder surgery & totally changed my life!!!! Below is a true testimony from a newly diagnosed person, me, with severe, progressive osteoarthritis & was discovered by happenstance. I would like to share this with you.

I have an extreme high pain threshold & rarely feel pain & when I do, say OUCH, it is too late!! NO BIG DEAL I thought. Probably broke my right pinky finger joint while mending my horses fencing in Nov.,'03, only as my pinky ring felt tight. Had to cut it off.

Eventually, I went to my DR.as my 2nd joint on the pinky finger joint was almost now at a 45% angle sticking up, compared to the rest of the finger. They X-rayed same & only to find out I had severe progressive osteoarthritis in my thumb & thumb joint on my left hand & the pinky finger was nothing to be concerned about.....POW,what,POW, was how I felt or that he was NUTS; but I saw the X-ray myself & I could not believe my eyes. A picture speaks volumes. unbelievable ,shocked & dismayed are only a few thoughts I had that life alternating day.

Three specialist later, I was booked for a 3.5 hour extensive surgery. The DR.had been practicing 42+ yrs. & told me he had only had to do this procedure 2 other times in his surgical career. Post operation & hand therapy every week times 2 & I was told I would not have full function until November & Surgery was in April. I had full range function by end of June. In mid-July I Noticed a little ump on my thumb & again went to the specialist.... only to find out that my left thumb & thumb joint had even more severe osteoarthritis than the right one that I had repaired. I must tell you too that I am a nurse & own a nursing agency & am have to be very up to date on all nursing fields & knowledgeable. They also found I had a high moderate osteoarthritis in my left shoulder (which I choose to have it injected with cortisone & have the left hand surgery done first). So after a 4.5 hour surgical procedure on my right thumb & thumb joint ....scrapping down the diseased bone & removing 2 of 3 bones at the based of the thumb joint (where the thumb meets the index finger) & taking a ligament from my forearm & used it to re-align the thumb & joint, same as the right thumb I had done in April but as not as intensified as the left).

I had to move my "ONE SPECIAL HORSE OF A LIFETIME", of 16 years prior, in March to a friend's barn, from my property I had bought just for him 9 years ago. Only to come to the realization that I had to sell this property, as it was impossible to handle alone with this severe osetoarthritis. It broke my heart & soul to have to sell my wonderful, terrific & lovely home & barn, my grazing paddocks & backing onto York Regional Crown Land, where I have ridden for some 20+ years. Also,I had to wake up & get practicable & force myself to come to grips with this realization that my true love in life, my 'HORSE OF A LIFETIME' & that my riding days were over & I must sell my property, WOW, it was the most painfull heart wrenching decision I ever had to make in my 55 years of life, As I had to be realistic & "ME" to feel "PAIN"....UNBELIEVABLE!!! However, facts are facts & thus I moved my self to a 'GATED - ADULT LIFESTYLE' community, where everything is cared for like grass, plants, snow, ETC.,ETC.,ETC.

I returned to the DR. to go over my shoulder osteoarthritis situation. But what he did not know was that my dogs' groomer told me about SYNFLEX & I went on it immediately & was on it for about 3 months.

I returned to the DR, to go over the query regarding possible yet another surgery for my left shoulder joint. I had the shoulder X-Rayed & the DR. thought they had X-Rayed the wrong shoulder & sent me back to have both shoulders X-Rayed. To his astonishment, he could find absoluetly no & I repeat no osetoarthritis in either shoulder. He queried me & told him about the SYNFLEX & gave him the information. He was extremely impressed with the product & my obvious regeneration of joint cells. He now recommends it to his patients & he was a TRUE NON BELIEVER of any joint supplements...until he saw for himself the incredible results SYNFLEX had on my shoulder joint.

I truly believe if I did not have such a high pain threshold, & had gone on SYNFLEX years prior to the happenstance discovery of the severe osteoarthritis in both hands......I, in all likelihood, WOULD NOT HAVE TO HAVE ANY SURGERIES AT ALL!!!!!!!

SYNFLEX has changed my life for the better & I have no joint pain, unless I run out of SYNFLEX, as I recently had ,when I moved, & sure enough in a month I actually feel my two remaining thumb joints are in pain......REMEMBER this is from a person whom does not feel pain due to an extremely high pain threshold......WOW.....need my SYNFLEX & just ordered 7 more bottles, to insure I never run out again. THANK YOU SYNFLEX for this "WONDER JOINT JUICE", That is what I call it.

One just has to try it & you will not believe the difference it makes to your osteoarthritis. I can only ecnourage you sufferers to just allow yourself to at least give SYNFLEX a try, as I did, & you will be in all probability become a SYNFLEX customer. I was sceptible & now have recommended to friends, family & just last week to my mail carrier. HAAA.....GO SYNFLEX.......TWO THUMBS UP ! ! ! ! !

This is from a true osteoarthritic customer who is on this wonderful product SYNFLEX.....& cannot live painfree & regenerate new cell growth without SYNFLEX in my system.

Nothing, & I have tried them all....from all the traditional anti-inflammatory's, N.S.A.D., pain medication, over the counter to prescription anti-inflammatorys, pain medications, 'OLD WIVES TALE REMEDIES', health homeopathic & holistic remedies. I, always, do extensive research & just do not take what a doctor prescribes & it it my body & my pain & my obligation to make an informed & educated decision & which is best for this new thing I have been diagnosed with, called osteoarthritis.....! ! ! !

So do make it the very best day it can be......BLESSINGS....get yourself on SYNFLEX, You owe it to yourself & your health & well being.

Thank you for reading my testimony. I STRONGLY feel we should share this information with each other to make our lives & other lives the very best they can be.....take the time & pass the SYNFLEX TRUE TESTIMONY on.

I thank the insightfullness company, researchers, & distributors world wide for this UNBELIEVABLE PRODUCT....SYNFLEX.

Do an act of kindness today & share this with someone you know or even a stranger you notice in discomfort, GET YOUR DOCTOR(S) INFORMED, arrange a seminar, SHARE,START A COMMUNITY INFORMATION NIGHT.......simply put, get involved in your health & get SYNFLEX & then I can read your testimony ! ! ! ! ! GOOD HEALTH TO YOU.

Dated: October 24, 2005

The above information is provided for general educational purposes only. It is not intended to replace competent health care advice received from a knowledgeable healthcare professional. You are urged to seek healthcare advice for the treatment of any illness or disease.
Health Canada and the FDA (USA) have not evaluated these statements. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
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